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Equalizer® PUSH24SD Push Handle for Blade • 24" S&D

This item may have minor cosmetic damages.
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PUSH KNIFE is a machined aluminum hand tool designed to remove quarter glasses utilizing Equalizer® Express® Blades. PUSH KNIFE features a rectangular plate for striking with a rubber mallet, enabling power from the mallet to be transferred to the blade and through the urethane.

Equalizer® Express® blades can be easily changed out by unscrewing the hinged plate that locks the blade in place.

Available in 2 additional sizes!

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    HammerHead™ Replacement for PUSH KNIFE™

    HammerHead™ is an adapter for PUSH KNIFE™. When HammerHead™ is installed onto the end of PUSH KNIFE™, it acts as a receiving area for a rubber mallet to strike, enabling power from the blow to be transferred to the cutting area and through the urethane.