Think Pink


Equalizer®"Thinks Pink" for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

We are devoting the proceeds of popular Equalizer® products to the Breast Cancer Resource Center. Join us in this cause and start shopping!


Equalizer® is recreating 12 customized tools with a pink “Equalizer Cares” logo, honoring and supporting those impacted by breast cancer.


Let's "Think Pink" together! Below is a list of our customized products:


Equalizer® Ambush  -  ATV2012

Push Knife 12"  -  PUSH12

Push Knife 24"  -  PUSH24

Push Knife 36"  -  PUSH36

Raptor™ Tool  - F22

Raptor™ Deluxe Kit  - F22KIT

Protect-A-Dash™  -  CU1077

Equalizer® Jet Pack Single Cup  - JP135

Equalizer® Jet Pack Pair -  JP140

Auto Glass Setting Device  - HST212

ZipKnife™ Long Knife 20”  - ZKLK36

ZipKnife™ Cold Knife  - ZK35

Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cup (2)  - JVT193

Equalizer® Visual Vacuum Plunger Cup  - JVC192

Door Panel Removal Tool  - DCR244

Rivet Setting Tool  - ERT470

BlackHawk™ 20v BH2019

Bullet™ Blade  - REL261

Bullet™ Blade  - REB262

Bullet™ Blade  - REL263

Bullet™ Blade  - REE264


“Most of us know someone who is actively fighting breast cancer or has fought and been successful. Knowing the full impact of those touched by a breast cancer diagnoses gives us motivation to partner with the Breast Cancer Resource Center in Round Rock to do what we can to support to the fight against breast cancer and make sure no one faces this alone.” -  Shauna Davis, Global Sales Director