What does the manufacturer suggested retail price listed in the catalog mean?

Equalizer® lists a "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price" or "Retail Price" in our annual catalog. This price represents what an authorized distributor should be selling Equalizer® products at or near, it is only for reference and does not reflect the actual selling price of the product.

If you have questions or concerns about our sales process, please contact us at sales@equalizer.com, 800.334.1334, 512.388.7715 or chat live with us here.

What are the requirements for becoming an Equalizer® Authorized Distributor?

Our Authorized Distributor program is designed to offer a profitable product line while ensuring active promotion and stocking of our tools and accessories. You must resell our products to qualify for this program.

Please complete our distributor application to see if you qualify to become an Equalizer® Authorized Distributor.
For a faxed or emailed copy, please email sdavis@equalizer.com.

I used to be able to buy direct from Equalizer® as a retail customer, why has this been changed?

As of 2014, Equalizer® sells directly to the end-user only on a very limited and per-case basis. In almost all cases, we now only sell our products through Authorized Distributors. While we understand that some long-time Equalizer® users have become accustomed to ordering direct from Equalizer®, this refined sales direction is designed to better stock and support our products so that the time to receive them is much faster. Most Authorized Distributors keep the majority of our products in stock and in most cases they are closer to your location, ensuring that you get the products you need in a much more timely fashion.

Equalizer strongly recommends that all potential customers order directly through their local Authorized Equalizer® Distributor.
There are several advantages of buying from your local glass supplier or parts dealer; saving on freight costs, see and/or inspect the product before purchase and local Authorized Equalizer Distributors have the capability to run product specials.

Our priority is make sure all users of Equalizer® products are satisfied with their requests through their local distributor. However, there may be an occasion that an Authorized Equalizer® Distributor in your area cannot be located or your request taken care of in the time frame needed. If we are unable to find an Authorized Equalizer® Distributor that can fulfill your purchase requirements, at our discretion, we can accommodate retail orders. Our immediate goal would then be to connect you with an mutually acceptable Authorized Equalizer® Distributor for all of your future orders.

If your local Authorized Distributor seems to be having difficulty keeping the products you need in stock, feel free to contact us at sales@equalizer.com, 800.334.1334, 512.388.7715 or chat live with us here.

(USA ONLY) What is the standard wait time on a repair to be performed and shipped back to me?

In the USA, Repairs are usually completed and shipped the same day if we receive your product by 2pm CST.
If received later than 2pm CST, it will ship the following business day.
This time-frame may be longer due to communication delays regarding the repair.

Please contact our repair department before sending in a tool for evaluation or repair at 512-388-7715.

To send a product in for repair please ship to:

Equalizer Industries, Inc.
Attn: Repair Department
2611 Oakmont Drive
Round Rock, TX 78665

Be sure to include your battery (if applicable), blade, sheath or applicable damaged components and YOUR contact and shipping information.

What are the warranties on my power tool?

All Equalizer® power tools have a one year manufacturing defect warranty.

Does Equalizer® have a loaner tool program?

Yes in the USA, loaner tools are available for the convenience of Equalizer customers. In order to receive a loaner tool, we will need a credit card to charge a $200 deposit along with a $15 non-refundable shipping fee. All loaner tools are inspected and tested between each customer. Once you receive your loaner tool, you have 2 weeks from the date you sign for the loaner tool to have your broken tool shipped out and on its way to Equalizer for repair. Equalizer is not responsible for shipping charges to and from Equalizer for tools that need to be evaluated.

Repairs are usually completed and shipped the same day if we receive your tool by 2 pm. If received later than 2 pm it will ship the following business day. Once you receive your repaired tool back, you have 2 weeks from the date you sign for the repaired tool to have the loaner tool shipped out and on its way back to Equalizer.

At the time we receive the loaner tool, we will evaluate the condition of the tool. If for any reason the tool is not in the same condition as we sent to you, or if it has been abused, mistreated, or damaged while in your care, you will forfeit your $200 deposit. If the cost to repair the damaged loaner tool is more than the $200 deposit, you will be responsible for the difference as well.

Also, if for any reason you do not ship your broken tool for repair within the allotted two weeks, or if you do not ship back the loaner tool within the allotted two weeks, you will be charged the full purchase price of the loaner tool. If you should have any questions on this policy, please contact our customer service department at 800-334-1334.

I am just starting out in the industry, what tools should I buy?

Most people who start training to become an auto glass technician already possess a small set of tools. Usually they have a Phillips and straight screwdriver, wrenches, and hopefully a set of metric and inch size sockets.

Our Basic Technician Kit (Part# ATK658) is intended to build on that set of tools and transform it into a more applicable Auto Glass Technician tool kit. We developed this kit by conferring with the most respected technicians in the country and the tools that are included in this kit were mentioned the most.

We developed our Master Technician Kit (part# MTK659) as a step above the ATK658. As you gain experience as an auto glass technician, you’ll want to add on to the basic set of tools you already have and also add some specialty items to your tool box.

Both of these kits along with an Equalizer® Power Tool or Wire Removal System will help you complete any job effectively.

Any Equalizer representative can assist you further with your startup needs, please contact us at sales@equalizer.com, 800.334.1334, 512.388.7715 or chat live with us here.



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